Brother Bear Becomes Zak

Brother Bear Becomes Zak
The first Squirrel I ever took a picture of

Monday, March 18, 2013


What do you call it when two stomachs fight?

Naval Warfare!


Anyway, stay cool!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Christmas Joke

Why did Rudolph go shooting off into the sky like a rocket feet first?

Post a Comment with the answer.

Friday, October 19, 2012



So can y'all guess what I'm going as for Halloween...
The Captain of all things good... and I don't mean Popeye or Captain Crunch, I'm going as Captain America!!! And I'm in an adult sized costume!

So yesterday my dad took my brothers and me to Party City to get Halloween Costumes. I had planned to be the Grim Reaper this year, but I didn't find any Reapers that I liked, so I ended up choosing the next best thing. William had planned to be Luigi from the Super Mario Games, which ended up working perfectly for him. And Michael had planned to be Bane from the new Bat-Man movie but they didn't have Bane in stock, so he ended up being a Zombie called Rotten to the Core.
So that was basically my day.

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello everybody and welcome to another blog post!

Today I went to Pizza Hut with my brothers, William and Michael, and my mom.  There we ordered four personal sized pizzas: one for me, one for mom, and one for each of my brothers. Then before we left, mom ordered another personal pizza and some spicy wings for my dad. (Oh and did I mention that today is my mom and dad's anniversary? I'm pretty sure I didn't.)

After we left Pizza Hut, we went back home to drop off dad's pizza, then mom realized we needed to go to the library  to drop off some books  She realized the time and asked me to see if the library was open,
but my stupid phone didn't want to work so we ended up driving all the way over to Grayson (which is about a mile away), to find that the library was, indeed, closed. Derp. So we ended up driving back home from a useless drive to nowhere... yeah pointless huh?

So yeah thats pretty much my day, lame, delicious, and fun!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

day nine as a photojournalist

Today my dad took me and all my brothers to get new tires.

And when we got back I took this video to explain how to check the tires to see if the tred is worn down to much...Enjoy!

Do you get it? If not please comment and I'll try to explain it to you



Monday, February 6, 2012

Day Eight as a Photojournalist

Day 8

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everybody. Today my friend, onekidsworld, and I made a killer wing sauce called T.N.T. Sauce, but actually it wasn't that hot. But anyway, I got some great pix of my friends and I playing football because, well, its the Super Bowl, come on, and here they are.

kids playing on my trampoline

kids playing on my trampoline again

my friend, onekidsworld, getting ready to throw the football

my friend, onekidsworld, catching the football

my dad throwing the football

We all had a great time and the game was unbelievable.

Well, ta ta for now.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

day seven as a photojournalist

Today my Mom went to my local Costco, and got new pots and pans to cook with. Take a look.

And these black ones are what we're giving up.

And this is the first meal (diner) that we made with our new pots. We had broccoli cheddar pockets!!!(and it was de-lish!!!).

Well, see you later.